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The Water Bowl: A Cat Who Waits in Line for the Bus; Plus, Chimps Like Good Music!

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These stories are worth a click:

Casper the cat has become a frequent and well-known user of the Devon, England, bus system. The bus company says that the cat, who belongs to a local woman, waits in line, boards, then curls up on a seat for the ride.–BBC

An experiment conducted at Kyushu University in Japan finds that Chimpanzees are born with an innate appreciation of pleasant music, a trait that was previously thought to be exclusive to humans.–BBC

Bai Yun, the panda who lives at the San Diego Zoo, is expecting twins! Since her arrival at the zoo in 1996, she has given birth to four cubs.–L.A. Times, L.A. Unleashed

Authorities think a pet may be responsible for a building fire that forced 50 people from their homes in Providence, R.I. They believe the fire started when an animal knocked over a candle in one of the apartments.–