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The Water Bowl: 13 Puppies Found in Dumpster

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These stories are worth a click:

Thirteen puppies, just two days old, were found enclosed in a box and left in a Mississippi dumpster to die. The perpetrator inadvertently left his name, address and phone number on the box, and local animal rescuers were able to persuade him to give up the puppies’ mother. –WLBT 3

A giant panda in the wild in China has been videotaped eating the meat off a dead wildebeest. While pandas are thought only to eat bamboo shoots, they do sometimes eat meat. –Telegraph

Animal studies, about the interaction between humans and animals, is a growing field in academia, with courses like “Animals, People and Those In-Between” showing up at places like Harvard and New York University. –New York Times

Two 70-lb. pit bulls mauled a 62-year-old Chicago man while he was out jogging on Monday. The man was bitten over his entire body, and police had to shoot the dogs as they approached the scene. –AP