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The Pet-Friendly Trailer Has Finally Arrived!

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Traveling with pets is no easy task. Their hair, slobber and messes can end up anywhere and everywhere – but we still love them! For families that travel frequently with their pets – particularly show dogs – Airstream has introduced the 34-foot PanAmerica trailer, which boasts an 11-foot “garage” in back. The aluminum space features a rubber floor, and is both oil- and stain-proof.

“We really developed it with the idea that different customers would come up with a variety of different uses for the garage,” Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler tells “It was interesting to see that some of the first purchasers were dog owners who show, and needed a place to set up mobile grooming stations for their pets.”

The vehicle comes with a hefty price tag – $85,000 – but lots of creature comforts, like a flat-screen TV, stainless steel appliances and more. Offering a cozy yacht-inspired living space in the front, the PanAmerica is very similar to any other Airstream RV, just with the bonus space. “The Airstream sensibility is a whole different experience than the traditional white-box RV,” says Wheeler. “Everything is light and spacious.” The garage itself can haul up to 2,500 lbs. of accessories for your pets, and features storage crates and cabinets, water bins, leash hooks – and speakers tied to the main cabin’s stereo system.

“It seems to have really struck a chord with dog owners in general,” Wheeler says. “And we’re happy it’s ended up that way.”

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