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'The Martha Stewart Show' Stages First-Ever All-Cat Episode

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Today’s episode of The Martha Stewart Show is all about felines! Stewart, famous for her love of her numerous Persians, invited her audience members to bring their own pets for her first-ever cat show. The kitty-centric episode features cat experts and breeders, but our favorite guest is Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, a cat lover so stylish, she wrote a book about them!

Turns out, Stewart has Coddington to thank for one of her great passions. “I first fell in love with the Dominic Calico Persian when I saw a fantastic photo spread in Vogue magazine a couple years ago,” Stewart recalled. “The model Karen Elson, dressed as Grace Coddington, [was] posing with these amazing looking cats. I looked at these pictures for days and I had to find out more about the cats – not about the fashion –so I called Grace.”

Though Coddington’s beloved cats were also invited to join the audience, they opted not to. “They’re not very sociable,” Coddington said. “They don’t really like other cats. They like each other.”

Click above to see a clip of Martha’s cat show(don’t miss the loud growl from the audience at 1:06)!