People Staff
May 14, 2013 08:40 PM

We’ve committed a great deal of time and energy to envying Blake Lively. Those legs. That wardrobe. Her man.

Yes, she’s the girl who won Ryan Reynolds’s heart, getting the best of our jealous hearts and marrying him last September.

But we’re going to let her off the hook for a minute because there’s a new subject deserving of our green streak: We’re looking at you, Baxter.

The multi-breed rescue dog clearly has his owner’s full attention in a quiet moment caught on camera for us to ogle. (Sigh, to be loved by Ryan.) Enjoying the May weather together near their home in Bedford, N.Y., Reynolds only had eyes for his pooch during their walk.

And to that, we ask: What does Baxter have that we don’t? Besides a tail.

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