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The Daily Treat: Watch Taipei Zoo's Panda Cub Learn to Crawl

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Long day at the office? We’ve got just the cure! Watching a baby panda learn to crawl is proven to make your workday feel shorter. Or at least it certainly feels that way to us.

But before you thank us, we have to give credit to Yuanzai, without whom none of this would be possible. The female cub recently turned 100-days-old on Oct. 13, and she’s celebrating by taking her first steps in this raw footage shot at Taiwan’s Taipei Zoo.

In accordance with Chinese tradition, Yuanzai was officially named on her 100th birthday. The zoo had been using Yuanzai as a nickname, but fans who voted in an online poll felt there was no need to call her anything different. If you ask us, the moniker, which is also used to describe “glutinous riceballs,” seems fitting – Yuanzai has a face you just want to eat up!