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The Daily Treat: This Turkey Is Too Cute to Eat (Because It's a Tortoise)

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By this time, you’re probably catching a flight or hopping in your car, ready to get to celebrating tomorrow. But while you’re doing that, this tortoise is way ahead of you – and he’s dressed to impress.

In fact, we could all learn a thing or two from this little guy. Just because you were born a reptile and have no way of growing feathers doesn’t mean turkeys get to have all the fun this Thanksgiving. For Thursday’s festivities, this inventive fellow will be rocking a turkey-like shell cover, complete with beak and all.

Now, we know it’s not really custom to dress up as the dinner when coming to dinner, but c’mon, who would you rather be spending Turkey Day with: a guy with enthusiasm, or these cats who couldn’t care less?