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The Daily Treat: This Cat Is Keeping His Eyes Closed Until It's the Weekend

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After the week Norm’s had, we can’t say we blame him.

The orange-and-white haired cat is content to pass the time until Saturday by closing his eyes and wishing it would be here sooner, something a few of us probably wish we were doing, too.

But while our lives have probably been filled with the usual routine, things got a little crazy for Norm this past week.

The plus-sized cat, who weighs between 26 and 31 lbs., was accidentally dropped off at a Sacramento, Calif., animal shelter when he was mistaken for a stray. Lucky for Norm, his size has made him a popular figure among locals in the West Coast town, and after the shelter posted a photo of Norm on its Facebook page, he was immediately recognized.

“He really just gained popularity by doing what he does best, lying in the middle of the sidewalk and letting everyone love him,” owner Tyler Loper told the Sacramento Bee.

Norm was returned to Lopez’s home within hours of being dropped off at the shelter, and his grateful owner has since had him outfitted with a microchip.

With all that excitement behind him, we hope Norm gets the restful weekend he deserves.