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The Daily Treat: This Bear Has 'Gangnam Style' in Spades

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It’s been nearly one year since Psy’s catchy dance hit, “Gangnam Style,” swept the country, but there’s one fan who’s still trying to master the moves.

A brown bear in Finland was caught mid-dance by wildlife photographer Mark Sisson, and it appears it’s trying its best to mimic the Korean rapper’s signature hops, meant to resemble horseback riding.

“He was moving from side to side, one foot to another and it was this along with the positioning of his front paws that really drew the Gangnam analogy to mind,” Sisson said.

While we’ve long since retired our “Gangnam Style” shoes, we have to admit this adorable furball makes us want to break ‘em back out and join him for a spin on the dance floor. Or in the forest.