Alison Schwartz
September 06, 2013 12:00 PM

Like the coolest of New Yorkers – hashtag Hannah Horvath! – the kittens recently rescued from the city’s subway tracks are living it up in Brooklyn.

And while we don’t expect them to shut down the club with the cast of Girls like they shut down the B and Q lines for more than an hour last Thursday, the kittens, named Arthur and August, are adjusting to their new Bushwick foster home.

“They’re still really shy. I think they’ve been stray for a while,” Steven Liu, 25, who’s fostering the felines in his duplex, tells New York’s Daily News. “We’re not thinking about giving them a bath yet – they’re still really scared.”

Among the amenities they’re enjoying: a scratching post, toys, two other feline roommates and boxes (one of which is decorated with a cheeky apology note: “Sorry New York, we forgot to transfer at Prospect Park”).

Since their rescue last week from under the electrified third rail of an above-ground express track, the gray-striped and black kitties have found themselves the stars of Liu’s website, Scratching Pad.

“My roommates helped me rearrange the kitten towers so that there are a lot of hiding places when they get scared,” Liu writes. “When we’re down there, the kittens are pretty calm and will start purring when we pick them up for some good old chin and butt scratches.”

He adds: “When we take them on a field trip upstairs, they always end up hiding under the couch. Apparently, something about the living room scares the s–t out of them – sometimes literally.”

Information on adopting the kittens was not readily available.

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