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The Daily Treat: National Zoo Lion Cubs Nail Their Swim Test

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There are times in life when you just have to dive right in – and that was a lesson four African lion cubs at Smithsonian’s National Zoo learned earlier this week.

The cubs, born March 10, were tasked with passing a swim reliability test on Tuesday. And they nailed it! (Watch the test in the video above.)

National Zoo staff say that the 10-week-old cuties were all able to keep their heads afloat, swim to the shallow end of the moat (2½-feet deep!) and climb back onto dry land, reports USA Today. That means they’re almost ready to explore the terrain of their Washington, D.C., habitat with their mother, 9-year-old Shera.

In other words, they’re basically ready to take on Michael Phelps.

Visitors will be able to check out the mini swimmers when they make their mid-June zoo debut after all vaccinations are administered.