Amy Jamieson
October 29, 2013 09:15 PM

Looks like Charles Esten has fallen for a costar …

Meet Blue, the actor’s recently adopted yellow Lab, who starred as his dog last season on Nashville. Onscreen, the dog was a gift to his character, Deacon Claybourne, from Hayden Panettiere’s country vixen Juliette Barnes. Though Deacon gave the dog away to a love interest (played by Susan Misner), Esten was not prepared to say goodbye to that sweet face.

While filming the show earlier this year, he decided to welcome the pup into his own family, which includes his three kids with wife Patty.

“ ‘Member Deacon’s puppy named Sue? Well now he’s my dog … Blue! #firstpetever #memberofthefamilynow,” Esten Tweeted Monday, sharing a cute photo of himself holding Blue as a puppy.

This week, the entire Esten clan celebrated its newest member’s first major milestone at home in Nashville. “It’s extremely possible that my family and I have gone overboard on our dog’s birthday,” he Tweeted, posting a pic of Blue mulling a bowl of kibble with a candle placed inside of it.

We bet there’s plenty more celebrating to come!

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