People Staff
May 29, 2013 08:45 PM

When Ray Charles the golden retriever was born five months ago, he wasn’t running and playing with his canine siblings. The breeder took him to the vet, who discovered the dog was born blind.

Months later, a friend texted Andrew Fales, 24, who already had three golden retrievers of his own. The breeder was thinking of putting the blind puppy down.

Fales adopted Ray in February, and the dog’s already left his paw print on his new home – and the Internet.

His Facebook page, which was created by Fales in March, boasts more than 37,500 likes from fans who love to watch the cheekily named pooch grow (and, in case you were wondering, wear pajamas!).

“He definitely knows my scent,” Fales tells Today of his furry friend. “When I come home, he’ll run to the door and follow me around. He’s very loyal.”

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