Amy Jamieson
March 24, 2014 07:30 PM

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has a (furry) new cast member!

Lisa Vanderpump has adopted the father of her much-loved Pomeranian Giggy, which she revealed on Twitter Sunday by sharing a video of the father-son reunion.

Much like the Bravo series’s recent reunion show, Giggy’s face-to-face meeting with his father was not entirely drama-free. The younger Pom barked a few times when Dad – a former show dog named Shooter – first stepped foot in his new home.

“This is your daddy, Giggy,” Vanderpump says encouragingly in the video, which shows the dogs sniffing each other out. Though it’s unclear if the pampered pup recognizes the relationship between him and his new playmate, both father and son appear to be enjoying making up for lost time.

“This guy created [Giggy] He has to come live with us,” Vanderpump Tweeted, posting a photo of the pair sitting side-by-side on a blanket.

The super-fluffy canine is the third dog for Vanderpump and husband Ken Todd, who are also pet parents to golden retriever Rumpy Pumpy.

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