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The Daily Treat: Lemur Tries His Hand at Telemarketing

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You know the scenario: you’ve just settled down to dinner and the phone rings; there’s someone on the line trying to sell you something or get something from you and you couldn’t be more irritated. Well, what if the person on the other line was not a person at all – but a lemur?

Hear us out, we know what you’re thinking. But perhaps this lemur in Devon, Britain, can change your mind. He’s got a phone book in hand … err, paw … and he’d like to talk to you. And whether you’re listed in the personal or business section, he’s going to find your number sooner or later.

Or at least that’s what we’d like to believe. In actuality, this inquisitive furball resides at the Paignton Zoo, and he’s searching through this telephone book not in hopes of finding conversation, but a treat. Keepers have hidden his food somewhere in the book as an exercise, but we can still dream.