Amy Jamieson
April 04, 2014 09:15 PM

Ever since Ellen DeGeneres took the mother of all selfies at the Oscars last month, people everywhere have been trying to top it. Well, it appears someone finally has – a koala.

The cuddly residents of the Wild Life Sydney Zoo are the latest members of the animal kingdom to become selfie-obssessed. When a camera was set up on a moveable tripod in their enclosure a few weeks ago, Bruce, Aaron and Bill immediately started posing for snaps.

The camera is triggered by the koala’s movements, and the photos are sent to a nearby screen. As soon as the gadget arrived, the trio began inspecting it and their priceless pics began flooding in.

“Our koalas think they can take better photos of themselves than us, so we’ve given Jay and Bruce our Instagram login details,” reads a message posted to the zoo’s Facebook page Wednesday. “Armed with Sony’s new QX camera, the boys are going selfie crazy!”

To see more koala selfies, check out the zoo’s Instagram account.

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