Amy Jamieson
July 23, 2014 07:00 PM

Ever wonder what it’s like to get a piggyback ride from a whale?

This amazing YouTube video captures a pair of kayakers’s whale of a tale near Puerto Madryn in Argentina, a city famous worldwide for whale watching.

According to InterPatagonia, from early June to the beginning of November, southern right whales come near shore by the hundreds to mate and breed. These whales can be identified by the distinct markings on their heads, which are visible in this video.

These kayakers spotted some of the majestic marine mammals from afar, and as they get closer, the unexpected happens.

“An incredible evening, a lot of sun, kayak and whales,” reads an Internet translation of the video’s caption. “While we were looking from above of the kayak, one of the whales turned round and one came towards our direction and raised us two times!!!!”

In our expert opinion, the excited (terrified?) yells from the cameraman clearly translate to: “When is this whale of a time going to be over?”

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