Amy Jamieson
September 06, 2013 03:30 PM

It’s a jungle out there – especially for Katy Perry!

In the new music video for her single “Roar,” Perry’s plane crashes in a jungle and she’s forced to cuddle up to the locals and by locals we mean spiders, monkeys and elephants!

While she’s horrified by the creepy crawly tarantulas that climb on her shoulders at the beginning of the video, Perry adjusts well to life in the wild. In fact, by the end of her journey, she’s growling in the face of a tiger and painting the toenails of an elephant – who, she revealed on Twitter, was her favorite costar.

“Suzy the elephant [was my favorite] cause she wouldn’t stop eating everything!” she wrote.

No word yet on how her cat Kitty Purry – who made an appearance in the “Roar” lyric video last month – feels about her four-legged competition.

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