Amy Jamieson
July 25, 2014 06:30 PM

Looks like someone is a bit fur-klempt.

The adorable schnauzer in this YouTube video is so happy about his family member’s return that he nearly passes out at their reunion – which was two years in the making.

According to a food blog, the video’s poster Rebecca Ehalt moved to Slovenia five years ago for schooling but stayed for love. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she works with her husband at their design studio in Bled.

When she and her pup reunite, they embrace, and the dog does the canine equivalent of the human ugly cry before falling over – which prompted some viewers to sound the alarm in their comments on YouTube.

“The dog had a seizure. It needs to go to the vet. I have seen them many times,” said one concerned viewer.

Ehalt added a sidenote confirming that this is indeed just an amazing expression of doggy delight. “The schnauzer was taken to the vet, the vet saw the video, and everything is fine. No worries,” she wrote.

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