Kiran Hefa
December 13, 2013 11:30 PM

Is there an unofficial contest going on in Hollywood we don’t know about?

First, Kelly Clarkson released an awkward family Christmas photo. Then, Mena Suvari. Now, we have Joe Jonas.

The middle JoBro posted this, um, thought-provoking photo to his Instagram account on Thursday, depicting himself as several years (decades?) older and without most of his thick dark hair.

But if you can manage to look past that detail – and we know it’s hard to do – there’s also the addition of not one, but two cats to discuss. Much like Suvari’s portrait, Jonas’s furball appears by his side and also superimposed, floating above him.

Guess the kitty should just be lucky it wasn’t forced into wearing an ugly Christmas sweater like Dad.

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