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The Daily Treat: Here's a Hot Guy with Puppies

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First things first: You’re welcome!

We didn’t think there was a better way to start today than with a photo of an adorable man surrounded by adorable puppies. But in case you’re wondering who this bit of eye candy is, allow us to elaborate.

This puppy-magnet is Brandon McMillan, animal training expert and host of the new CBS show Lucky Dog, where – prepare to fall even more madly in love – he saves dogs from kill shelters, trains them and places them in good homes. And guess what? He’s single! (Did you think we’d tease you with someone who’s attached? We’re not that cruel.)

McMillan, 36, is a catch you can feel good about bringing home to your mom, too. Born into a family of trainers, he’s been working with animals since he was a kid and has trained many for movies and TV, including The Hangover, CSI and even for a handful of Hollywood stars. Though he’s worked with furry friends of all kinds, the animal behaviorist’s true passion is dogs, hence his obsession with rescuing them from death row.

“Over 1.5 million dogs are euthanized every year in America because they can’t find homes,” he said. “I’m just doing my part.”

When he’s not playing hero to homeless dogs everywhere, McMillan is riding the surf near his L.A. home, or tending to his own canine companion.

“I have one spoiled 9 lb. Chihuahua,” he says, but “I figure I’m around enough 500 lb. predators during the day so need to curb it at night.”

It’s hard to decide who’s the lucky one in this photo, isn’t it?

Lucky Dog premieres Sept. 28 on CBS. Check local listings.