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The Daily Treat: Here Are Four Furry Friends Celebrating Howl-oween with Pumpkins

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Here at PEOPLE Pets, we’ve been celebrating Halloween for some time now. We’ve shared the best pet costumes to come from our readers and provided instructions on how to get your own felines in on the action.

But while we’ve been marveling at one creative New Yorker’s interpretation of Barksy, née Banksy, the animal kingdom has been getting in on the Halloween fun without us – until now.

Exhibit A: Austria’s Schönbrunn Zoo, where a coati (pictured above), a member of the raccoon family, gets in his last licks with an all-too-willing pumpkin (judging from its expression, the happy-gourd-lucky vegetable doesn’t seem to mind). Looks like one more species has fallen prey to the allure of the pumpkin spice latte.

Elsewhere at the zoo, an orangutan plays head games with a trio of jack-o’-lanterns – or possibly decides to adapt a new fitness routine with their lids as weights.

Over in Russia, Khan, a 3-year-old white tiger, eagerly decorates his enclosure at Krasnoyarsk’s Royev Ruchey zoo. “But maybe the centerpiece would look best a little to the left?” he wonders.

We’d ask Cooper “owl you doing?” but we think we know the answer. The Adelaide Zoo’s fiercest barn owl prefers to spend All Hallows’ Eve with one of everyone’s beloved fright night characters, The Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington – even if it is in pumpkin form.