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The Daily Treat: Firefighter's Actions Bring Cat Back to Life After House Fire

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Talk about having nine lives!

After her home in Stratford, east London, caught fire, Gert, a 4-year-old pet cat, was found lying motionless by firefighters who responded to the blaze on Sept. 28. Her owner, Michael Morrison, begged responders to save his cat’s life, and lucky for him, some quick thinking managed to do just that.

“It was horrible. I collapsed on the floor crying,” Morrison said. “They were all huddled around her and even took my oxygen mask off for her.”

The move restarted Gert’s breathing, and she was taken to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust center to continue recuperating. When she arrived, the cat had to be placed in an oxygen tent for two days and fed through tubes in her stomach. Since then, she’s relearned how to move her legs, pull herself back into her kennel and lick food.

“When she came in, we had no idea whether she would regain any normal functions,” said Kylie Simons, a veterinary surgeon from Celia Hammond. “But she has come on in leaps and bounds … Although she is still wobbly we hope that she will regain full normality in time.”