People Staff
October 01, 2013 07:00 PM

Just call her Super Dog!

Samantha the German shepherd leaped into action this summer when her owner, Candace Lines, began choking on a piece of chicken. Now, she’s being credited with saving her life.

“I was gasping for air,” Lines told CNN affiliate WFSB, “because my airway was all clogged up.”

Unable to speak, she pointed to the dog and then to a medical alert device that was sitting on a tabletop. When Samantha brought it to her with her mouth, she triggered an alarm that alerted a monitoring company, who in turn called the house. The operator could only hear a dog’s bark on the line, and so a fire crew was dispatched to the Connecticut home, where they found Lines lying on the floor.

“Thank god my dog saved my life because if she wasn’t here I probably would have been dead,” Lines told ABC 6 News in Providence, R.I., adding that Samantha stayed by her side and watched as firemen tried to help her. “We have a bond.”

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