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The Daily Treat: China's 14 Baby Pandas Go Outside for the First Time

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With the National Zoo’s panda cam still on hiatus due to the government shutdown, much of the world is still wandering the internet aimlessly, searching for their panda fix. We’re here to help.

Fourteen panda cubs from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China stepped outside for the first time on Monday – and by “stepped outside,” we mean slept in the arms of their handlers before being placed on a blanket – and there’s more than 50 seconds of raw footage of the adorable spectacle.

The squeezably soft creatures were laid out side-by-side like fuzzy dominos on a plush pink blanket in the grass. Most of them snoozed, motionless, just like last month, when the artificially bred siblings were photographed sleeping together in a crib.

Just imagine the cuteness that will ensue when they are actually awake!