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The Daily Treat: Celebrate National Pet Day with These Adorable Dogs and Cats

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There’s nothing we love more than a good holiday, and today marks just about the greatest one of all (sorry, Christmas): National Pet Day.

Choosing to stay away from the ongoing dog vs. cat debate, we here at PEOPLE Pets are celebrating by sharing our favorite photos of camaraderie; the rare moments when dogs and cats play nice.

Below, you’ll find five of our favorites, and the perfect dose of cuteness to kick off your weekend.

Hold on a sec, buddy, you’ve got a flyaway.

I’ll take first watch. Those kids are bound to come back at any moment!

Sometimes even best friends need space – for a pillow.

Humans are doing it; we can too: First one to blink loses!

You promise after I tickle your belly you’ll tickle mine?

Are you doing something special for National Pet Day? Tell us in the comments below – and check out how Oprah Winfrey is celebrating.