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The Daily Treat: Cat Rides Horse, Makes Friendship Official

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Here’s the long and short of it: Champy is a horse. Morris is a cat.

Despite their clear differences, the pair from New South Wales, Australia, have formed a beautiful bond. The black rescue cat sits atop the horse all the time and trots around his owner’s property on horseback as often as he likes. Well, wouldn’t you? (Watch the video below.)

Their owner, Jennifer Boyle, says the handsome horse was the one who initiated the friendship in January of last year, when the cat first arrived at her stable.

“He was immediately interested in him and came up to say hello and was persistent in wanting to groom him,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Morris’s response? He hopped on the animal and groomed him right back.

The bond between these two is definitely special.

“[Morris] has been bucked off trying to jump on to other horses. He assumed all horses would love him. It really is just these two who are friends.”

Photos of the pair on their Facebook page show them peacefully coexisting, whether it’s twilight, foggy or perfectly sunny.

And it sounds like Boyle has become a bit of a third wheel.

She added: “Morris has had more riding time than me.”