Amy Jamieson
April 21, 2014 10:20 PM

Thousands turned out for the 136th annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, and the big bunny wasn’t the only furry face people were clamoring to see.

First dogs Sunny and Bo Obama were two of the famous names on hand for the event, which also featured appearances by singer Ariana Grande and Jim Carrey.

According to The Washington Post, the crowd screamed when they laid eyes on the pups, who donned red leashes on the South Lawn where more than 30,000 guests were invited by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to enjoy egg hunting, face painting and obstacle courses.

While his list of duties was short, President Obama took them very seriously. “My main and only job, other than officiating over the roll at some point, is to introduce, alongside the Easter Bunny, the person who makes this all possible – we love her dearly – my wife, the First Lady, Michelle Obama,” he told the crowd.

And don’t think for a minute that the presidential pooches weren’t working like dogs. They lent a paw when Mrs. O read Kevin Henkes’s book, My Garden, to a group of children. The furry duo was also spotted sniffing around with presidential dog walker, Dale Haney, just outside the Oval Office. With this year’s Easter Egg Roll drawing to a successful close, we’re moving onto the next important hunt: How do we score Haney’s job?

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