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The Daily Treat: Big Dog, Little Dog Are World's Cutest BFFs

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For a pet on Instagram, it can be hard to stand out. After all, you’re competing against Theo, a newborn bulldog who captured everyone’s heart in May. A month later, Biddy the jet-setting hedgehog rose to prominence. Then there’s Princess Monster Truck, a cat for whom both cute and creepy are accurate adjectives.

But the latest furballs to attain fame on the photo-sharing site may just be our favorites. Meet Harlow and Indiana (Indi for short), a pair of pups whose “tail” of friendship is more than meets the eye.

Harlow first gained attention as one half of Harlow and Sage, an adorable doggy duo known for doing everything together, from napping to dressing alike. But in September, Sage passed away at age 13.

To help her move on, Harlow’s owners added another puppy to their brood, dachshund Indi. “She is an adventurer/archaeologist sent to help Harlow Morgan explore the world,” the pair’s owners wrote on Instgram. “Indi inherited Sage’s Miniature Dachshund genes, brown eyebrows and grand appetite.”

Now, Harlow and Indi are picking up where Harlow and Sage left off, laughing, living and loving, including celebrating Thanksgiving. Of all the things we’re thankful for, we’re mostly glad these two found each other.