People Staff
March 06, 2014 09:50 PM

Think you’ve seen every possible combination of adorable animals in sweaters? Prepare to be proven wrong.

Meet the penguins of Australia’s Phillip Island Nature Park. This bunch of stylish birds happily models a wide variety of sweater designs, all handmade specifically for them. But their clothing serves more than a sartorial purpose: The penguins here are being treated for feather and skin damage caused by oil spills. The sweaters keep them warm and prevent them from pecking at the oil with their beaks, reports ABC Melbourne.

The Penguin Foundation, also based on Phillip Island, is responsible for distributing these sweaters, which it gives to other wildlife rescue centers, as well. For those looking to contribute to the cause, a knitting pattern is available on their website, along with directions on where to send the finished products.

Earlier this year, the Nature Park held a “Knit to Win” photo contest in which volunteers sent in their best designs. The winning looks were displayed on toy penguins (above). And you thought it couldn’t get any cuter than sweaters on real penguins.

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