Amy Jamieson
April 22, 2014 07:00 PM

We’re not the only kids at this playground. There are countless species of animals who also call earth home.

And so, as we celebrate Earth Day on Tuesday, we want to give you seven more reasons to recycle that can of soda you just guzzled for lunch.

Seven more reasons to bike to the store for that gallon of milk instead of drive.

Seven more reasons to turn off your computer (gasp!) and save a little energy.

Breath in all of this sweet animal air before you power down. And remember, this gorilla and her fuzzy-wuzzy newborn (pictured above) love our earth just as much as you – and they’re not alone.

Five-month-old cheetah cubs Leela and Jamala whisper sweet somethings about protecting the planet.

These baboons would go ape if they couldn’t stop to smell the flowers during piggyback rides.

Can’t you see this lioness is tired of hearing your excuses for why you left your apartment lights on?

It’s a penguin party! And for these guys, nothing is more refreshing than a nose dive into frigid water. Not even beer.

If this polar bear could give the planet a big bear hug, he would. For now, flopping on this iceberg will do.

Stare long and hard at this seal’s face. He’s imploring you to recycle.

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