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Teddy the Pomeranian Puppy Escapes Clutches of Coyote

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If you had any doubt that some dogs are just luckier than others, meet Teddy.

The 5-1/2 lb. Pomeranian puppy was snatched from his front yard by a coyote around 1:30 a.m. on June 29 and disappeared into the darkness. Miraculously, after a fruitless, frantic search, Teddy returned home several hours later.

“He’s a wonder dog,” his relieved owner, Andrea Doyon, 21, of Strafford, N.H., tells “I love him even more now.”

It all happened in a split second, just feet away from Doyon’s boyfriend, Ben Demers, 23, during the 9-month-old dog’s final outing of the night as he was off leash in the yard. Doyon was already in bed. “Ben ran in and said, ‘Oh my God, a coyote grabbed Teddy,’ ” she recalls.

Demers, who said the coyote was gray and about the size of a German shepherd, grabbed his shot gun on his way back out with Doyon, and blasted a shot into the air, hoping he’d scare the coyote into dropping Teddy.

“I heard Teddy screaming and it stopped,” says Doyon. “It was very, very quiet after Teddy stopped screaming. I figured he was dead right then and there.”

Doyon, Demers and a friend searched tirelessly for two hours through the nearby pitch-black farm fields. The search ended in despair. “We went back home and we told our family and everyone was up crying, our parents were crying and were up all night too,” says Doyon. “Our parents were saying there is nothing you can do, try to get some sleep.”

With the aid of some Benadryl, Doyon dozed off around 4:30 am. An hour later, she awoke to miraculous news. “Our landlords had come in the house and said, ‘We found Teddy,’ ” she says. “We thought they meant they found his body.”

But the light-brown furball had made his way home, barking until the landlord woke up. “I could not believe it, I was the happiest person alive, and I thought I was going to be depressed for weeks,” says Doyon, a senior psychology major at the University of New Hampshire. “I was in complete shock.”

An ecstatic Teddy jumped and shook, and couldn’t stop kissing Doyon and Demers. Surprisingly, the only wounds were a dime-sized, bloody puncture on his lower jaw, and another small wound on his cheek.

“The vet couldn’t believe it,” says Doyon of their visit later that day. “Usually coyotes snap necks, but Teddy has so much hair, that could’ve helped.”

A celebration of Teddy’s life followed with pigs ear treats and food from a human dinner that night. “I never feed him from the table but I said, ‘You’re back, you can have some,’ ” Doyon says.

Doyon thinks the same coyote killed a neighbor’s cats recently, and she knows he could strike again. Now, Teddy is always on a leash with mom and dad while outside. “I knew I loved him,” Doyon says, “but I didn’t realize how much.”

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