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Taylor Lautner Gets in Touch with His Inner Wolf

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Taylor Lautner is running with the wolves.

The Twilight star, who knows a bit about canis lupus himself, got moving with a husky in a photo shoot for the October issue of Seventeen magazine.

In the new issue, Lautner talks about his new movie Abduction, which also stars his girlfriend Lily Collins. He says the two felt an instant connection when they met. “You can feel some sort of chemistry of a connection when you are reading a script with someone for the first time,” he says. “And that was totally the case with Lily.”

Abduction is just his first step in moving out of the shadow of Jacob Black and the Twilight franchise. “I believe in the saying, ‘If you aim at nothing, you’re going to hit nothing.’ So if you don’t set goals, then you have nowhere to go,” he says. “I guess winning an Oscar is the ultimate dream. A lot of amazing actors go their whole career without even being nominated. So that would definitely be a goal to reach. It’s a difficult one, but I’m aiming for it!”

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