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Sunny Obama Takes Down 2-Year-Old, We Consult Bo

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We’ve all been there: Christmastime makes everything more intense and everything is just emotional and then someone’s in your way and …

Okay, we’re not going to accuse junior first dog Sunny Obama of going all Grinch on a 2-year-old at Wednesday’s White House holiday celebration. We would never imply that little Ashtyn Gardner was anything but lovely before she took the tumble to top all tumbles – the fall to dethrone Jennifer Lawrence as the Queen of Highly Public Falls. She definitely did not – just speculating – poke fun at his dark chocolate replica featured in the annual gingerbread display. She would never.

Either way, what went down at the decor unveiling could totally sabotage Sunny’s approval rating. As the children of military families gathered for a day of crafts and festive fun, Gardner’s well-intentioned run-in with Sunny turned into the stuff Michelle Obama’s nightmares are made of.

To be fair, Sunny only startled the tot, who then stepped back and tripped over a walker (watch below). Still, we know you’re new here Sunny. We know it’s your first Christmas in the White House. But you’re doing it wrong.

Take a cue from big bro Bo, a fellow Portuguese Water Dog. He exudes nothing but calmness and clarity around children. Words like class, sophistication and perfection come to mind.

For Sunny, even a post-fall kiss on the face couldn’t compensate for the trauma (which is clearly way more dramatic for us than the child, who bounced right back).

We had high hopes when we watched Sunny nail it in September when she mingled with press. She was a little arrogant, but we let it slide. But to be honest, despite this small miscue, we’d trade places with that 2-year-old any day.