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Steve Irwin's 8-Year-Old Son Follows in Dad's Footsteps

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Call him a Crocodile Hunter … in training!

Steve Irwin’s only son made his late father proud Tuesday when he publicly fed freshwater crocodiles for the first time at the Australia Zoo in Beerwah.

Eight-year-old Robert Irwin, who was just 2 when his animal conservationist father died in 2006, stood a safe distance away from the half dozen reptiles as he carefully tossed them fish from a bucket.

“It was really, really fun,” he told reporters afterward, adding that he wasn’t nervous. “Next, I’d like to feed a big alligator, and then a saltwater croc.”

This wasn’t the first time that Irwin has been involved in a feeding up close. When Robert was just a month old, his father Steve held him in his arms as he fed an extremely large crocodile; the footage was seen all over the world.

“Living in a zoo, I’m not really scared of anything,” Robert said. “Everyday I get to wake up to the tigers, and elephants, and crocs, and everything. It’s pretty cool.”

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