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Spotted: Julie Benz Rehearses with a Puggle!

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Actress Julie Benz surely has plenty of dialogue to learn as the star of the ABC superhero show, No Ordinary Family. It’s nice to have a little help with memorizing them – and Benz found some yesterday in her friend’s brand-new, still-unnamed puggle.

But first, a nap in Auntie Julie’s arms. The actress posted a picture on Twitter of the adorable puppy sleeping peacefully over her chest and suggested that the puggle might be finding a new home shortly.

“This may have to be my next dog-napping victim,” she wrote, followed by the hashtag #iamapuppyhoarder.

After the shut-eye, the puggle woke up and got to work with Benz, who said, “Everyone needs someone to run lines with.” If only everybody’s rehearsal buddies were all so cute!

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