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Special Delivery! Miracle Baby Giraffe Born at Boston Zoo

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A 164-lb. giraffe born at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo is being dubbed a miracle because his father Beau is the oldest living giraffe in the world suffering from an incurable condition called Giraffe Wasting Syndrome. The yet-to-be named bundle of joy was welcomed by his dad and his mom Jana at the zoo’s Giraffe Barn on July 23.

In 2003, Beau nearly died from his condition (also called GWS), which develops inside the animal’s stomach and absorbs nutrients, causing severe weight loss, energy deficiency and chronic hypoglycemia. After special care from zoo staff, Beau is in good health and all signs show that that the new calf, who stands at 6 ft. 4 in., does not have GWS. The leggy animal stood up within an hour of birth and took his first gallop at just two days old!

Big sisters Autumn and Sox have been watching their new little brother from the next stall and seem anxious to meet him, zoo officials tell PEOPLE Pets. Hopefully, the calf will join his parents and sisters on exhibit later this summer.

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