Gabrielle Olya
April 13, 2011 08:00 PM

Pit bulls may be a misunderstood breed, but Sophia Bush is very clear about her two rescued pits, Patch and Penny.

“They’re the loves of my life,” Bush told at the ELLE Women in Music event on Monday.

Patch, a brown, one-eyed pooch who was rescued by a crewmember on a movie Bush worked on, and the two had an instant connection. “He’s the most gentle, loving, amazing animal,” she has said.

Penny, who is a few years younger than Patch and came from a shelter, came into the picture and attached herself right to Patch’s hip. Bush has said that her dogs have to be next to each other at all times.

Still, other adoptable pets aren’t always as lucky as Penny and Patch, and Bush is hugely passionate about the subject.

“I can’t encourage people enough, please don’t buy animals. Please, please adopt,” she said. “I think it’s ridiculous to support over-breeding, puppy mills, cruelty in any avenue – when there are thousands of dogs a day getting put down because no one wants them. And rescue dogs are always nicer than purebred dogs, anyway.”

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