People Staff
August 22, 2011 01:00 PM

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi once blamed her lackluster love life on her relationship with her cat.

“I’ve had bed luck with guys because I’m obsessed with my cat,” the Jersey Shore star once said. “My cat is like my best friend.”

Now it seems another relationship – the one she has with her parents – takes a backseat to her kitty. “This might sound, like, really sick, but when I was in Italy, I didn’t really miss my parents,” Snooki tells PEOPLE. “I missed my cat, Rocky. That’s why I really wanted to go home. No offense, Dad.”

Rocky and Snooki have been BFFs for 13 years, and Snooki’s “No. 1 thing” takes priority over her other pets, cats Tommy and Vito, and Pomeranian Gia. “He’s like my best friend, I love him to death,” she says. “I would die for Rocky.”

Check out the rest of our video with Snooki for more on her pets (and animals in Italy!).

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