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Sleepypod Keeps Your Kitty Cozy

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I’ve been using the traditional ugly cat carriers for years – plastic top and sides, metal doors. You know, the carriers that evoke terror in any cat that lays eyes upon them. The instant my cat sees our carrier he makes a mad dash for under the bed because he’s aware that a trip to the vet is imminent. How DO they know?

Well, I’ve officially said sayonara to the days of trying to coax my feline out from under the bed. The Sleepypod cat carrier is the most innovative cat carrier I’ve ever used – and, believe it or not, my cat actually sleeps in it even when doesn’t have to.

There are a bunch of cool features – like, for instance, a pod heater that warms things up before kitty steps in! Just hook up the AC adaptor to the wall or a car’s cigarette lighter. Genius. When the dog days of summer come along you can easily remove the faux fur lining and replace with a mesh one that is included. Also, mine came with a furry blanket that my cat has fallen in love with outside of the pod.

The Sleepypod is not without imperfection, though. The first time I used it I had trouble keeping kitty in the pod long enough to zip around the Pac man-like top. And, the alternate opening at the very top of the pod is too small for my fat cat to slip into. So, it seems the pod is ideal for small animals, like little dogs or cats. Also, since the pod is circular, carrying it over the shoulder with my 16-pound waddle of joy inside is awkward because the pod doesn’t rest on the hip quite right. But with a lighter animal this probably wouldn’t be an issue.

Still it’s an amazing change from the eyesore carriers that I’m used to. The pod is pricey, at $165 a pop, but I’d say it’s worth it if you travel a lot. Accessories: Air Mesh bed, $29.50. The Warmer unit, $57.50.