Courtesy Wolcott Dog Pound
Amy Jamieson
May 03, 2017 04:58 PM

All the signs of neglect are there. She’s been overbred, has ear infections, skin infections, dry eye in both eyes, and multiple mammary tumors — one as big as an orange.

“Spring has had a real crappy life,” says a Facebook post written by Connecticut’s Wolcott Dog Pound on Tuesday, featuring a severely neglected dog, who, as you can see in photos, is a sight for sore eyes.

The shelter wants to help the poor pooch — but it needs the public’s help to do it.

“Spring came to us yesterday called in as a stray found on Mad River Rd,” says the post. “Upon arriving on scene and taking Spring from the caller it was clear that Spring was not a Wolcott Dog and that Spring was in need of medical care. We took Spring. After doing more investigating and questioning we discovered that Spring was/is an abandoned dog from another city. We have been in contact with that city and after a discussion with Chief Stephens we have decided that we are going to try to help Spring. The only way we can help Spring though is by reaching out to you the public for assistance.”

Spring’s health is being evaluated at the Watertown Animal Hospital with blood work, skins scrapes and a chest x-ray. “Spring cannot even lay on her stomach due to her being so overbred,” the Facebook post continues. “Spring’s snout appears to be inflamed.”

Veterinarian Dr. Price tells PEOPLE that Spring’s chest x-ray was clear and that a biopsy will determine whether the tumors she is carrying around are malignant. While hundreds shared her sad photos on social media on Tuesday, Spring can’t even shed a tear about her situation.

“She has extremely dry eyes, is not producing any tears,” Dr. Price explains. “When you have dry eyes, it’s a burning sensation. Nobody took care of that situation when it was just starting. This has been going on for a while.”

Despite it all, Spring is described as a very happy, nice dog.

“One [of the tumors is] the size of my fist and that didn’t happen overnight either,” Price says. “She seems to be pretty happy in spite of what’s happened to her.”

On Wednesday, Spring was treated to a much-needed spa day courtesy Mack and Molly’s Pet Parlor in Terryville, to help make her feel better and get her skin on track.

To help pay for Spring’s medical expenses, donate through the the shelter’s PayPal account or donate directly to the Watertown Animal Hospital (it can be reached at 860-274-2212).

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