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Shark Week vs. The Bachelorette Finale: Which Brought More Drama?

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Discovery Channel’s annual fin-fest is in full swing (Voodoo Sharks, anyone?) but it wasn’t the only network dishing out drama last night.

Desiree Hartsock’s heart was on the line Monday after front-runner Brooks Forester bailed during the two-part gut-wrenching Bachelorette finale.

Viewers were left guessing if the blindsided bridal stylist would choose between poetic mortgage broker Chris Siegfried and intensely romantic marketing analyst Drew Kenney – or leave them both behind to mend her broken heart.

Meanwhile, Shark Week devotees were treated to another helping of the ferocious beasts, with stars like Liam Hemsworth even sharing their excitment for the annual event, now in its 26th year. (And the fin-tastic TV continues through the week, so stay tuned!)

Tell us: Where did the drama take you on Monday?

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