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Shark Week Mascot Answers PEOPLE Editors' Most Pressing Questions

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Squid guts, puns about fins, nightmares – we can only be talking about one thing.

Nope, actually, this isn’t even about your annual family fishing trip with Uncle Marvin. (Sorry, Marv!) Yeah, that’s right: It’s Shark Week.

Sunday night (8/7c) kicks off Discovery Channel’s annual dedication to all things toothy and terrifying – ahem, we mean lovely and superior if any sharks are reading this, so please don’t eat us.

And in honor of this year’s fin-tastic extravaganza, PEOPLE turned the tables and attacked Shark Week mascot (and Shark After Dark star) Bob the Shark … with our most pressing questions – where did you think we were going with that?

Is every week Shark Week for you?

– Kate Hogan, Staff Features Editor, @misskph

Wow. I never thought of that. Yes, you’re right! Now I’m mad that Discovery doesn’t give me a show every day!

What is your idea of a romantic evening?

– Rosa Heyman, Assistant Editor of Engagement, @rosa_heyman

Good conversation over a candlelit dinner. Once I figure out how to light candles at the bottom of the ocean.

Zac Efron or Joe Manganiello: Who’s, uh, tastier?

– Alison Schwartz, Associate Features Editor, @alisonbrooke

Zac Efron, definitely. I don’t think I could chew through Joe’s chest hair. (Editor’s note: In that case, we’ll gladly take True Blood’s hunky werewolf off your plate.)

Was Jaws really a villain, or was he just misunderstood?

– Saryn Chorney, Senior Editor, @sarynthumps

No comment. Jaws and I had a falling out. He was a good friend, then he made that movie and his head exploded.

What’s your favorite kind of sushi?

– Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor, @nicefunalex

I don’t like eating sushi. But the people who make it? Delicious!

Would you ever stop swimming, for all the money in the world?

– Alex Heigl, Associate Editor, @alex_heigl

Sure. But if you had all the money in the world, wouldn’t you rather spend it on something? Like a medium drink at the movie theater?

Which celebrity do you think would make the best dining companion?

– Caryn Midler, Video Producer, @carynsue

Ryan Seacrest. He’s got lots of big white teeth like me. Plus, if we get along, he might give me a reality show on E!.

Guest question: What’s your favorite place to swim – please say Boston!

Sean Lesniak, 9-year-old shark advocate and Shark Week fan, of Massachusetts

Depends on what I’m in the mood for: Italian, Indian, Moroccan … But since I’m a lifelong Yankees supporter, I especially enjoy hunting Red Sox fans off the coast of Boston.

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