Kelli Bender
December 01, 2016 04:37 PM

Two important moment in dog history are almost upon us.

Tomorrow is National Mutt Day, a celebration of all the beautiful mixed breed dogs out there making life better and more adorable. The other event is the January 27 release of A Dog’s Purpose, a movie about the amazing way a pup’s spirit affects our lives, based on the book by W. Bruce Cameron.

While there is still over a month until we can see this precious story on film, the movie is already celebrating the magic of canines by presenting National Mutt Day for all of us to enjoy right now. A Dog’s Purpose has two ways you can get in on the festivities with your pup, mutt or otherwise.

The first is heading over to where you can interact with a stunning mosaic made up of fan-submitted photos and stories championing canines and all the ways that can improve a life. You can add your own touching doggie tribute to the mosaic, or, especially if you don’t have a dog, can browse the tales of adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Society that are ready to find a forever home where they can start making everyone happy.

Since there is no such thing as too much dog, after your done raving about how wonderful your furry friend is, you can make them the star of their own film at Here, you can add your pup’s name and picture to the poster for A Dog’s Purpose, turning it into a film all about your cuddly companion and their starring role in your world. After you’ve crafted your dog’s poster, you can share it online with the hashtag #MyDogsPurpose to show off the star your canine obviously is.

The best part is that all of this helps raise awareness about National Mutt Day, which first started in 2005 in an effort to draw attention to the countless mixed breed dogs stuck in shelters, many passed over because they aren’t a discernible breeds. National Mutt Day promotes the message that all these dogs are deserving of love and, just like any other dog, have the power to bring endless positivity to your life.

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