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Sexy Beasts! 7 Animals Who Are Better Looking than Us

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Channing Tatum sure is nice, and we could stare at Zac Efron’s six-pack all day. And, okay, fine – sometimes we just look at a picture of the Hemsworth brothers in the morning because it’s not unlike a cup of coffee.

But they’re not the only sexy beasts around here.

We’re not lion when we say …

… that this lion is better looking than we are, and we’re okay with that.

But please don’t objectify this horse

He may be attractive, but he is also intelligent, worldly and sensitive to the restraints of societal norms.

This kangaroo is so much more than a nice face, ya know?

And he’s sick of being stereotyped, you guys.

But this walrus knows he’s got it

So he’s going to flaunt it, and we hope you’re okay with that.

This bear’s got it, too

Note the effortless pose, perfectly groomed hair and subtlety arrogant facial expression.

But you know what’s really sexy?

Love. (Sorry, we had to.)

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