People Staff
December 30, 2011 09:30 PM

Baylor to sit – at the table, that is!

The fast-growing husky mix has been learning a few tricks since being adopted by Gomez, and his latest achievement is figuring out the fastest way to his next meal, no dog bowl required.

“Really Bay?” she wrote on Twitter. “He decided to join dinner.”

Baylor is part of a big crew of rescue dogs at the Gomez house: There’s also Willie, Wallace, Fina, Chip and Chazz. Gomez hadn’t planned on adding a sixth this year, but Baylor made a case for himself.

“We went to a shelter just for fun … and we saw this adorable, adorable puppy,” Gomez said in October. “I literally felt like he said my name. So, I had to have him.”

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