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See How Gilles Marini's New Cat Is Already Causing Trouble

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Something fishy’s going on in Gilles Marini’s house.

Frisky kitty Penelope, who joined Marini’s family last month, was spotted sharing some one-on-one time with the actor’s goldfish in a Twitter pic posted Saturday – but, thankfully, “no fish was hurt during this photoshoot,” Marini, 37, Tweeted.

While the fish is presumably none too pleased about this furry addition to the family, how is Marini’s French bulldog, Mila, adjusting?

“Dog & Cat are getting along,” he said of the pair, who appeared decidedly tolerant of each other in a photo posted on Facebook.

Although Penelope officially belongs to the Switched at Birth star’s 6½-year-old daughter Juliana, Marini seems to have fallen hard for the little ball of fluff as well.

“I love our new little girl Penelope,” he wrote on Facebook.