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Scotch's Fur Fighter Grabs Fluff in Hard-to-Reach Places

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Dog and cat people, it’s time for you to look under your couch. First, because there’s a gaggle of your pet’s lost toys waiting to be rescued. And, second, there’s enough loose hair living under there to create a sizable furball creature.

Scotch’s new Fur Fighter Pet Hair Sweeper ($9.99) can help with both. Shaped like a broom, the cleaning tool’s plastic triangular head is wrapped with a disposable Super-Cling sheet which grabs pet hair, dust and dirt in those hard-to-reach places like under the couch, along the baseboards and beneath your major appliances. Ever peeked under the fridge? One word: Yuck.

It’s lighter than other fur busters we’ve tried and faster than any vacuum. Plus, its flat design makes it simple to store. Sweep up fur quickly and easily – and use it to liberate those playthings from the Land of Forgotten Toys!

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