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San Diego Zoo's Baby Gorilla Has Pneumonia

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A baby gorilla delivered by a rare emergency cesarean section last week at the San Diego Zoo has pneumonia and is under constant veterinary care.

Veterinarian Nadine Lamberski worked with the female baby, born Wednesday, all weekend. Lamberski said Monday that the gorilla probably contracted the pneumonia during birth, when, days later, a surgical team also had to fix a collapsed lung.

The mother gorilla, an 18-year-old named Imani, had never given birth. The zoo says the C-section, rare for a gorilla, was performed because she was in distress after going into labor.

The medical team included vets and two doctors who usually work on humans: a neonatal specialist and an anesthesiologist.

“She’s extremely strong. She can grasp, she kicks, she’s vocal – has a very strong suckle reflex,” Lamberski previously told CBS News. “She looks around. She can hold her own head up, which is pretty amazing.”