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Running Cat Goes the Distance – and Trains Every Day

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Jogging may not be an exercise for everyone, but for Roadrunner the cat, it is her workout of choice.

“I started my run and she joined me,” Michael Greenblatt tells “She can run for a while – back and forth, around and around.”

It all began in 2008, when the celebrity fitness trainer stepped out of his West Long Branch, N.J., home for a morning run. He spotted the gorgeous black cat with big eyes on a neighbor’s lawn and knew there was “something about this cat that is very special.”

One morning, the now 2-year-old kitty showed up on Greenblatt’s front step and decided to join him for a jog.

“She likes to run at night,” Greenblatt says. “Sometimes she wants to go [out] twice a day. She just has tons of energy.”

Soon after bringing the quick-footed feline into his home, their morning runs turned into daily training sessions. “She wants to be trained every single day, like one of my athletes.”

Roadrunner’s workouts consist of timed sprints and laps around their cul-de-sac neighborhood, and if the weather’s bad outside, Greenblatt has a course for the disciplined kitty set up in his house. But the cat-athoner prefers the outdoors, especially running by the water.

The cat’s unusual abilities have brought unexpected attention. In addition to local television and newspaper coverage, a children’s book about Roadrunner is in the works. “It’s exciting,” Greenblatt says, “but no matter what, she’s just a wonderful pet.”

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